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Ashley  reviewed Roman Taxi's – 5 star

23 February at 21:21 ·

I am a support worker and take out disabled adults on a daily basses. I have been using this company now for over 6 months not once have I revived any lateness or bad service so reliable and are very cheap! Saved my tenants and myself loads of money as I need to watch my pennys! After using this firm for a very short time the company owner knew my tenants may struggle getting in and out of the cars so they went and purchased disable adapted equipment to help them in and out of the cars! Since using these I haven't used any one else and that's because of the service these people have provided me. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you to everyone at roman cabs!

Ollie  reviewed Roman Taxi's – 5 star

24 February at 13:08 ·

Having used this service frequently over the past few months, I felt obliged to leave a positive review. The drivers I have encountered have been extremely accommodating, dependable and benevolent. Thank you Roman Taxis

Trisha reviewed Roman Taxi's – 5 star

23 February at 17:36 ·

Best taxi firm in Newport friendly drivers, cheap prices what more could you want , highly recommend

Amanda reviewed Roman Taxi's – 5 star

29 February at 20:27 ·

Great service, prompt, friendly staff and spotless cars, has now become my regular Taxi company, and unlike some other local taxi firms the fare doesn't change from journey yo journey. Cannot recommend highly enough and more companies should follow the blue print of this firm.

Karen  reviewed Roman Taxi's – 5 star

24 January ·


Reliable, reasonable and friendly service

Helzi  reviewed Roman Taxi's – 5 star

29 February at 15:00 ·

Just like to say a big Thank You to ROMAN TAXI Service. A Caerleon family run company.

They collected my 15yr old from hair salon in Newport Saturday afternoon.

The lovely lady driver went into the salon to collect her and my daughter said she felt welcomed and safe on her journey home...

Kristian  reviewed Roman Taxi's – 5 star

24 February at 19:49 ·

I think Roman taxi's are a good reliable firm , lovely clean cars , nice polite drivers , smashing prices , and above all "on time" , like I said great firm and happy to stay with them

D**** A*****


...and I MEAN five stars! I was traveling Europe for two weeks (first time outside the United States) and decided to add a day in Wales to the end of my trip. Unfortunately, I was on a very tight timeline (37 hours) and I had no confidence in my ability to navigate around a strange country on left-hand drive roads in a rental car, much less see even half of the tings I wanted to see before leaving. On a whim, I called "Roman Taxi" - top search on Google and good reviews. I gave them my itinerary (which a local Facebook group told me was unreasonably ambitious), my train information from London, and my flight number to get off the Island and back to America. The operators gave me confidence that I would be in good hands...and they were right. I can't express how important this trip was to me (it was the highlight of my tour, after seeing the Pope speak at The Vatican). I'd planned to do this tour for my honeymoon ten years ago, but circumstances got in the way. There was no room for error! Roman Taxi was literally given a "no fail" mission to provide logistical support for a once-in-a-lifetime tour and they nailed it! The driver picked me up at the train station and got me to Heathrow with time to spare (the basics). He got me to the critical spots on my itinerary (expected). He modified my itinerary so that I could see everything I 'needed' to see, everything I 'wanted' to see and had time to really enjoy every spot on my self-made tour (exceeded expectations). That's enough for five stars... But there was more: The driver really took the time to make sure I got the most out of my tour. He added a local's perspective, showed me things I couldn't find on Google, shared stories about the people, and immersed me in the culture of this beautiful place. The car exceeded my expectations. I felt like Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist touring around in a beautiful black Mercedes sedan. I would have been happy with a well worn Prius taxi, but the owner made sure I had the BEST car in his fleet for this occasion for no extra fee. I can't adequately express in a Google review how grateful I am to this day that a company like Roman Taxi was available for this trip or how I wish I'd had the same service available to me in Rome, Paris, Munich, or London. The fact that I've resolved to return and to repeat the trip with my wife and kids (leaning on Roman one more time to make the trip memorable) should tell you enough. If you are visiting Wales, do it in a Roman Taxi...period!

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